The Start Of It All

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The Start Of It All
According to The Norton Field Guide to Writing, “All writing has a purpose. We write to explore our thoughts and emotions, to express ourselves, to entertain: we write to record words and events, to communicate with others, to try and persuade others to believe as we do or to behave in certain ways” (Bullock, Richard H, Maureen Daly Goggin, Francine Weinberg, 3). Writing can start with a simple idea that crosses the mind, an event that brings back memories or a new thought that appears in the mind. Every writer goes through a different scenario that allows them to experience the basics of writing. The writer can experience certain prompts, or encounter people that will forever influence the way they write. Every piece
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Then, we would run up to her desk and have her check our paper for the corrections we made to the sentences. We all hoped that our corrections would be right because the first person to get everything correct got to pick out a prize from Mrs. Kandel’s basket which would include some small toys, small pieces of candy, or even stickers, which was the class favorite. This little activity started to train our young minds to start learning the editing part of the writing process works without us even knowing that Mrs. Kandel was doing so. This started to get our class used to proofreading without it being a separate step in the writing process which helps greatly in writing so that the writer does not have to spend so much time in the basics, but more time on the context of their writing. Since that day, I try to minimize any errors that may occur by carefully reading each sentence to make sure that not one error was made.
Through literature circles, Mrs Kandel had us read many books such as A Wrinkle in Time, Number the Stars, and many more stories. Some of these novels we dreaded, while others we fell in love with. She would sometimes let us read the novel with “POPCORN” so everyone got to read whether they only read the limit of two lines or the student read until she made you give up their turn. Each story, showed us the different ways that stories can be told or written. Another activity that
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