The Start of America: The Story of Us

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Today America is one of the wealthiest, strongest, and hardworking countries in the world. It has population of over three hundred million and growth rate of 0.97% annually. America as a nation is known to have done many great contributions to the world such as: the idea of presidency, inventing telephone, discovering electricity, inventing planes, the first nation to put a man on moon, and many more. America has grown and multiplied over time and it is still increasing. Even though today America stands out apart from other countries, it was built from nothing but scrap. It all started when a crew of one-hundred two people abandoned their homeland in search for freedom. After a long and hazardous journey, the pilgrims finally made it to land. Before landing the heads of the pilgrim families and heads of the non-pilgrim families made a compact to secure the peace between both of them. Today, the compact is known as “The Mayflower Compact”. They took their first step on an unknown vast land hoping to build a greater future, a future with freedom as virtue. Not everything went as the pilgrims thought it would go, more than half the settlers died from a contagious disease that almost swept the new colony. They were unfamiliar with the agriculture, so they could not harvest healthy vegetation. Their food supply was running low. Now, all they had was hope, hope to survive to live a free life and spread the gospel of kingdom of Christ. To survive, they had to make peace treaty

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