The Start of My Love for Wrestling

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I believe wrestling is one of the hardest sports around the world. There are only a few who stick around throughout the season because they are willing to endure the pain. I had difficulties deciding which sport to play, and I chose the one that called out to me the most. I had difficulties throughout the season at first, and then I loved wrestling even more after it ended.
Ever since I was little and saw WWE RAW, a wrestling TV show, for the first time, I enjoyed watching wrestling on TV. I would always jump up throwing my arms in the air when my favorite wrestler was winning. I would invite some of my friends over on Saturdays to mimic the wrestling moves that the wrestlers were doing from the TV on a trampoline in my backyard during the afternoon because it looked awesome and it was very fun. The wrestling TV show inspired me to join wrestling in High School. During my freshmen year in Oroville High School the winter sports basketball and wrestling were about to start. I kept asking myself “Agh, why do both of the sports I want to play have to be at the same time?” After the second week of school passed by since the fall sports started, some of my friends in basketball kept telling me, “You should play basketball because you got a fine arm.”
I replied, “I would have to think about it a bit more.” Later on in the school day when I was in weight training class the teacher, Coach Rice, who was also the wrestling coach called me over to talk because he had seen
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