The State As A Person Of International Law Should Possess

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The state as a person of international law should possess the following qualifications: (a) a permanent population; (b) a defined territory; (c) government; and (d) capacity to enter into relations with the other states.” (Montevideo Convention of 1933, Article 1) States are absolutely still relevant in the 21st century. With States as defined, populations transparently co-exist and responsibly interact with each other via the governments they are formed under. There are two very critical steps that used to prevent escalating misunderstandings. Regardless of the government style selected, all that the greater civilized society requires that a modest set of rules be declared and subsequently followed. Additionally, a declared…show more content…
Primarily, to establish an understanding of the mission and the area of responsibility (AOR) assigned. Secondarily, the GCC will be able to assess his available force composition and identify risks associated with the AOR. The GCC, with the support of his staff, conducts a Strategic Estimate to systematically assess all of the inputs to the AOR. In a reasonable amount of time, the Staff should be able to summarize the internal and external political nuances, the sub-regional divides, the natural instabilities, Areas if Interest, and overlay the assigned mission from the Commander-in-Chief (from his various inputs). The intent is not to conduct a mission analysis, but to just understand some of the priorities and ‘leans’. In the corporate world, this process is called a ‘high level assessment’. It is a simple read through of the assignment (new regulations, new leadership focus, etc.) and pulling out the highlights; results are then compared against existing practices and procedures. It becomes an internal review as much as it is an assessment of the landscape. Introspectively, the GCC also uses the Strategic Estimate to assess his own available forces and build some decision criteria on what they are capable of completing. This process need not be limited to just assigned/organic forces. The GCC and Staff should consider partner and/or host nation’s resources as well as any other actors in the area of influence. Again, the intent isn’t to drill down to the ‘AA’
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