The State Board Of Nursing

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The experience I had at the State Board of nursing cases was very interesting. I was surprised there were so many nurses and other individuals who participate in the process of disciplining nurses. The entire process was very professional yet intimidating. I felt as though the language they used was very professional in a legal setting but very intimidating to me because I have never been in a legal setting before. I felt that the language used could be very confusing to someone who has never been in that situation. For instance, the first hearing, the nurse had violated her probation and the board of nursing wanted to pursue further disciplinary action. The original offense was the nurse was in trouble for working under the influence of Xanax. It affected her ability to perform her duties. She also tested positive for this substance. Due to the nurse not having a prescription for the medication, her license was being disciplined. In order to not violate her probation, the nurse was required to call the hotline once daily. The nurse was also subjected to random drug testing. Within the time of her probation, the nurse failed to call the hotline twice and also tested positive for medication she did not have a prescription for. With this case, I felt as though the nurse had a hard time understanding the legal language. She had to have some of the words explained to her. She may have benefited more from having a legal representative. I felt as though this nurse was
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