The State Court System in the State of Washington

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Courts). For instance, in the lower levels of the system, such as the District and Municipal Courts the jurisdiction limits of said courts are limited to cases where the amount in controversy is less than $75,000.00 or where the criminal sanction is less than one year in county jail. As one progresses up the different levels, the amount in controversy and criminal sanctions increase proportionately. The highest level of court in the State of Washington's system is the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is staffed by Chief Justice and eight associate justices all of whom are elected by the citizens of the state in a nonpartisan election. Each justice of this court is elected for a six-year term. Cases heard by the Supreme Court are generally on appeal from one of the state's three appellate courts. The Court has limited original jurisdiction and very few such cases are heard by the Court in any calendar year. Such original jurisdiction cases are related to actions taken by a state official and are either requesting that the Court prohibit or force a state official to act. The majority of the Supreme Court's docket is related to appeals from the Appellate Courts but the hearing of such cases is entirely…
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