The State Is The Pinnacle Of Civilization

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Officer Wilson was found not guilty through an extensive grand jury investigation. This process is one of many afforded to citizens of the state. There are many elements that make up the state laws being one of the many facets. Many would argue that the state is the pinnacle of civilization. How the state started has been debated by many political theorists more specifically Aristotle and Thomas Hobbes. At least one thousand years separates these two thinkers, but both have postulated the formation of the state and its contribution to different entities one being the relationship between the individual. Each of their works, Politics and The Leviathan outline differing viewpoints on the formation and the purpose of the state and its importance to politics and government. The highest form of human civilization for Aristotle is the city-state. A city-state is the highest form of partnership. There are other partnerships in the city-state such as the relationship between man and woman, master and slave. What is important is that these relationships strive to achieve some good. Therefore, the city-state with its collection of relationships is the highest form of good. Aristotle reiterates this idea when he states, “every state is a community of some kind, and ever community is established with a view of some good” (Book I, Chp.1). These partnerships help secure a human being self-sufficiency. Just as a city-state is a collection of smaller partnerships, politics is
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