The State Of Arizona Is A Gripping Documentary

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The State of Arizona is a gripping documentary that outlines the struggles that Arizona went through in dealing with illegal immigration. This saga follows the controversial SB1070 immigration law through the voices and lives of individuals who were on both sides of the coin. The flawed immigration system in the United States caused a ripple effect that hit Arizona hard and led to the tripling of the undocumented population in Arizona. This caused hatred towards the undocumented population due to fears of crime related to Mexican drug rings and competition for jobs. The federal government did not act on these immigration issues and this forced the state of Arizona to pass a series of legislatures that would restrict and control the rights…show more content…
This forced them to push the senate to take a break from any more anti-immigrant laws. Pearce sis regain his seat in the 2012 election (Kammer, 20) This documentary tries to bust myths about immigrations like: undocumented immigrant workers do not pay taxes, most immigrants are in the United States illegally and that immigrants take away jobs from Americans. It showed that these workers pay sale taxes, consumption taxes and property taxes at the state and federal levels. 20 million of the 31 million immigrants in the United States are legal and about 45% of them got into the county legally. American born workers dropped my 1.8 million between 2000 and 2005 crating a vacuum that was filled by these workers (Lloyd, 34). The American Dreamers tells a story about a group of college students who publicly fight for immigration reform. Some of these individuals came out as undocumented. They walked 3000 miles across America spreading the gospel of immigration reform in the country. The activists had piled pressure on President Obama concerning his promise to allow about 1.7 million youth a legal presence in the United States and a a valid 2 year work permit. The activist has several demonstrations and hunger strikes so as to push for this law to be passed. This structure of hunger strikes and peaceful demonstrations helped the case as they put this issue on the map and brought all the
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