The State Of Arizona Essay

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The state of Arizona has been an important advocate in promoting and defending victims rights from a legal standpoint by amending constitutional regulations to better protect victims. Many other states have followed Arizona’s lead and have enacted similar constitutional amendments to their state regulations of criminal procedure. Before such legislation, past victims in the United States lacked protection, the ability to have a voice in criminal proceedings, and held near meaningless roles in the criminal justice process. Today, victims are provided with expanding protections fully supported by law and other legal jurisprudence including such basic fundamental rights such as, “the right to be treated fairly and with dignity, a right to privacy, a right to restitution for their injuries, a right to be protected from the accused, a right to be compensated, a right to be notified of and to be present at court proceedings, a right to the return of property, and a right to be heard at critical stages in the proceedings”. Such protections however do not come to fruition without the involvement of a government prosecutor. This paper will analyze the essential part that a prosecutor has in criminal proceedings regarding victim’s rights. In particular, it will focus on the relationship between the two parties, the ethical rules and considerations a prosecutor must assess throughout the relationship, and the positive impact that such a relationship can have, not only for the
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