The State Of California Governing Bodies Essay

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The State of California Governing Bodies The California Postsecondary Education Commission was granted puissant duties and powers in 1974, after replacing the Coordinating Council for Higher Education (Education Commission of the States, 2016). The commission does not serve as a governing board but as an advisory committee to the House of Representatives, governor, and higher education institutions, with matters paramount to education policies (Education Commission of States, 2016). The commission holds the authority to review state public and private higher education institutions financial records, budgets, academic programs and provide recommendations for campus expansions. However, the primary function of the commission is to coordinate practices that prevent redundancy within the education divisions (Education Commission of States, 2016). The focus of the commission is driven by the state’s strategic work plan, for which goals are established targeting institutional areas of concern. Members of the commission constitutes 16 people, 9 in which are selected by the public, 3 appointed by the governor, 3 by the Senate Rules Committee and 3 by the California Assembly speaker (Education Commission of States, 2016). A representative from the University of California Boards of Regents, California State University Board of Trustees, California’s Community College, State Board of Education and California Independent colleges and universities represent the five
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