The State Of Colorado For Different Types Of Healthcare Policies

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Local Healthcare Policy While researching the state of Colorado for different types of healthcare policies, the most talked about policy was all centered around the State lead Connect for Health Colorado. Colorado’s path to building this insurance marketplace started years before the Affordable Care Act (ACA). In 2006 the General Assembly passed the Senate Bill 06-208 which created the Blue Ribbon Commission for health care reform. The goal of the marketplace was to assist individuals and smaller employers to find insurance options offered through the state. There were only a few minor changes made in Colorado prior to the passing of the ACA. The ultimate goal of this policy was to expand health care coverage and decrease health care…show more content…
The Lewin Group (a healthcare policy and research consulting firm) reviewed 5 proposals for the state and selected the fifth proposal. The fifth proposal was selected because of its $1.4 billion cost savings. The commission only lasted 15 months and failed to address many problems. The commission failed to reduce the rising costs of healthcare insurance premiums as well as copays, deductibles and prescriptions. As the premiums increased under the commission the coverage decreased in an opposite direction than predicted. The bill was changed in 2009 to the Colorado Health Care Affordability Act and immediately changed again with the passing of the ACA. The Connect for Health Colorado insurance exchange has been in place for six years now. Time will only tell if the program can remain sustainable and adapt to the always changing healthcare challenges. Research Conducted in Colorado As mentioned earlier the Lewin Group led the majority of research done for the early stages of the Blue Ribbon Commission. The group researched how Colorado compared to other states and what changes that they could use from states with successful health exchanges. Everything from demographics to current insured numbers was closely analyzed to base the foundation of how the exchange would be established. The need for a Colorado led insurance market determined by the Senate and Governor Bill Owens. At the time, the
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