The State Of Florida Is The United States

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The state of Florida is one of the states in the U.S. that is known for its sinkholes. The entire state of Florida is sitting on top of a long stretch of limestone, which is the main ingredient in sinkholes. As the limestone dissolves underground, it creates a void and whatever is sitting on top of this empty void, it sinks into it. If it is simply a chunk of uninhabited that is sitting on top of a void, formation of a sinkhole is not that big of a deal. But, if it is a house that a family is living in, now that is a different story. When a sinkhole is about to form, there are no distinct signs. Even if there are clear signs through cracks on the street or cracks in the house, by the time we realize, our homes would be sinking down into the sinkhole. There has been multiple cases in Florida where families have been left devastated due to sinkholes. In August 2013, Summer Bay Resort, Disney-area timeshare development in Clermont Florida, a big sinkhole opened up swallowing two buildings. As people were inside the building, the ceiling started to crack and popping noises were made from the buildings. Luckily, all the residents were evacuated and no one was injured. But, not all the cases are fortunate like this one. In March of 2012, thirty seven year old Jeffery Bush disappeared into a huge sinkhole that opened up directly under his bedroom while he was sleeping. Unfortunately, his body was never recovered from the sinkhole and the two residences next to Jeffery’s also…
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