The State Of Grand Canyon University

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Bureaucracy Essay The term bureaucracy was coined by a well-known sociologist named Max Weber in 1947. He used this term to describe corporations that held five main characteristics. These characteristics include, hierarchical authority structure, a division of labor, written rules, written communications and records, and impersonality and replaceability. In the modern day world, it is easy to see several bureaucracies in place, however, one bureaucracy that is personally close to all Grand Canyon University students is the institution of Grand Canyon University (GCU). This is a great example of a bureaucracy due to the fact that it embraces all five characteristics of a bureaucracy. The first characteristic that GCU follows is a hierarchical authority structure. They do this by making clear levels of authority within the jobs that their employees hold. This is accomplished by having deans that take accountability for their entire college. Under the dean of each college, there are all of the instructors. The instructors then take on the responsibility of having instructor assistants. Overhead each of the deans is the provost, this is the person that is accountable for the deans of the university. Above the provost is the executive board. Since GCU is a private university there is a board of directors with Brian Muller being the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). However, there are aspects that lead up to the executive board other than teachers. An example of this would
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