The State Of Illinois Electrical Grid

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The State of Illinois electrical grid consists of a variety of power generating sources that provide electricity to transportation, industrial, residential, and commercial customers within the state. Illinois leads the nation in electricity generation from nuclear power. Typically about one-eighth of the nation 's nuclear power generation, and about half of all net generation in Illinois, is produced by the state 's 6 nuclear power plants with their eleven reactors. Most of the rest of the electricity generated in Illinois is generated by coal-fired power plants. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) in Illinois, wind and natural gas provide almost all of the remaining electricity supply, about 8% of all…show more content…
IPRA is a cooperative effort between state agencies, local governments, and private organizations designed to ensure any radiological accident is quickly and accurately evaluated and the appropriate response to and recovery from any accident are effectively coordinated.
Within the realm of open source information, a trove of resources are readily available delineating locations of individual power plants, major electrical lines, and sub stations serving the United States and Illinois. Most apparent is not necessarily the ease of access to information, but how piecing together the varied, disparate data can be used to create a picture that show location, connectivity, and potential vulnerabilities to national and state-level power grid.
Besides physical security, computer or cyber security is also a potential method of security exploitation, as a variety of information related to data and network infrastructure or SCADA networks are available online. Boyd (2015) wrote in his article, Energy awards $35M to protect power grid from cyber-attacks, that the Department of Energy awarded two research grants totaling $34.7 million to develop cyber security tools and standards to protect the nation 's electricity infrastructure. A team of

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