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Ball 1 Missouri Counties Introduction: Does the size of a county’s population have any correlation to the number of individuals that are incarcerated within that county? Every year data is collected through the Annual Survey of Jails (AJS) that provides information on the characteristics and make-up of the Nation’s jails and inmates housed in these jails. The Offender Profile is another method of collection for the state of Missouri, reporting important statistics about the offenders supervised by the Missouri Department of Corrections. With this information, along with the county’s census information on population estimates, we are able to conduct a regression analysis to test the hypothesis. I would expect to see a positive and strong…show more content…
Data Collection: The Missouri Department of Corrections has provided a portable document format (pdf), on their website available to the public that provides a multitude of information on their local counties as well as the characteristics of the local county jails: After sorting through this one hundred and twenty-page document, I found the information I was looking for, on page nine of this file was a list of one hundred and twelve counties and their rank, prison population, population estimate, and incarceration rate per 100,000. I converted this pdf page into excel and was able to utilize the information in an easier method. Since there was only a requirement for thirty data sets, I needed to make an unbiased selection to the information. With the data already converted into an excel format I was able to run an excel formula (=RANDBETWEEN 1,112), and excel randomly assigned numbers to each county. I then sorted the counties by newly, unbiased assigned number in numerical order, and highlighted the top thirty rows. I copied this data over and used it in my scatterplots, (raw data provided in appendix). Ball 3 Study Design: The thirty data sets were plotted into a scatterplot and a linear regression analysis was used to show the
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