The State Of Sex : Tourism

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The title of the book that I chose is called The State of Sex: Tourism, Sex, and Sin in the New American Heartland, by Barbara G. Brents, Crystal A. Jackson, and Kathryn Hausbeck. This book was written in December 2009. My family was born in a country where it is known for prostitution, that country is Thailand. I thought that it would be interesting and enjoyable to read a book on prostitution in Nevada, where I currently reside in. This book is a study of prostitution in Nevada, where it is the only legal brothel industry. The main sociological theme of this book is globalizing economies and social structure. The book reveals how prostitution in the Nevada were owned by big companies in the sex industry. Today, brothels are also owned by small business owners who are in the sex industry. The purpose of this book is to inform readers how brothels are managed, how it’s like for women who work in brothels, and the impact of brothels in the state. The book also gives a historical analysis on how the brothels developed over time. This book conveys information about Nevada’s laws on brothels. It allows the readers to understand Nevada’s only way of being wealthy is through tourism. Nevada is the only place for tourists that offers gambling and places to satisfy your pleasures like no other states can offer. The book mentions how the women who work in these brothels are typically in poverty or in the lower-working class. Some of the women who were interviewed to work at the
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