The State Of Sexual Harassment

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Cates, S., & Machin, L. (2012). The State of Sexual Harassment in America: What is the Status of Sexual Harassment in the US Workplace Today? Journal of Global Business Management, 8(1), 133-138.
Unwanted sexual advances are inappropriate whether or not an individual is at work. This article speaks to the minds of people who have been sexually harassed at work in the 2000s. When written, the article explained that in the last two years sexual harassment in the workplace had actually increased. It also explains the difference between a minor incident that may involve an inappropriate comment and many inappropriate comments that may begin affecting workmanship. Previous articles have stated “most of the time” sexual harassment is based upon leadership and masculinity, but Cates and Machin state there is no reason behind it. According to the article, there are many types of sexual harassment: verbal/written, physical, nonverbal (inappropriate staring), severe/pervasive (attempted rape). These are split, according to the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) into two factions, quid pro quo and hostile. The consequences of these actions need to be enforced by not only termination, but possible convictions, as well.
Mainiero, L., & Jones, K. (2012). Workplace Romance 2.0: Developing a Communication Ethics Model to Address Potential Sexual Harassment from Inappropriate Social Media Contacts Between Coworkers. Journal of Business Ethics, 114, 367-379.
Workplace romance…
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