The State Of Texas Gained Its Independence

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The state of Texas gained its independence on December 29, 1845 after six and a half enduring months of ceaseless brawls. The colonization of Texas first began with Stephen F. Austin, whom is also recognized as the Father of Texas. Stephen began the uprising for self-reliance against the Army of Mexico, led by Antonio López de Santa Anna, when he proposed opening up Texas to a swamp of immigrants. This action of his branched off throughout the years into countless battles for the Lonestar state to become individualistic. The first battle of the Revolution was the Battle of Gonzales, ending with only two casualties and the victory of the Texas soldiers. The Alamo is one of the most memorable engagements within this period of time, where the legendary cry, ‘’Remember the Alamo!’’ originated from. The Alamo still stands tall today and is visited by many each year, and represents the Texan soldier’s heroic opposition to injustice versus the government of Mexico. The Battle of San Jacinto was the shortest and final confrontation of the Texas Revolution. This resulted in a Texan victory, and an overall win for the Texian soldiers as they wash away Mexico with their statement of independence. The Texas Revolution was a conflict in the nineteenth century between the people of Texas and Mexican soldiers. This revolution led the the independence of the Lone Star state, and opened floodgates to numerous significant battles along the way. This rebellion included various engagements,
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