The State Of The Keystone Xl Pipeline

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Controversy is no stranger in the United States of America. Daily numerous new controversies are generated in politics, news media and in our personal lives at home. Recently in the past few years, the news media has been vastly covering an ongoing political debate about the construction and proposed expansion of a pipe system to transport crude oil from the Alberta province in Canada to the Gulf Coast region of Texas by the TransCanada Company. The pipeline infrastructure in place known as the Keystone Pipeline would now feature a larger section, which would be known as the Keystone XL. Many arguments to be analyzed involving economics, environmental and safety have been generated for and against this proposed Keystone XL construction. When analyzing the impacts of the building of the Keystone XL pipeline it can be seen it will impact our means of energy supplies. One way the United States would be helped is the Keystone XL pipeline would give the United States an increase in energy security. Or in other words, it would help stabilize the oil supply in the United States. According to the United States Energy Information Administration, “In 2013, the United States consumed a total of 6.89 million barrels of petroleum products, and average of 18.89 million barrels per day” (“How much oil is consumed in the United States”). Based on these statistics generated by the United States Energy Information Administration Americans have a heavy reliance on these products. With a
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