The State Of The Teaching Profession Essay

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The State of the Teaching Profession
Before beginning on my debate research, I made a cluster graphic organizer to see which characteristics correlated with the topic, the state of the teaching profession. The overall themes I came up with where teacher shortage, retention, and how the implementation of the common core state standards effects teachers retention. Our final three debates topics were teacher residency programs, teacher shortage related to mentorship, and the Common Core State standards. In relation to teacher residencies, I am pro teacher residency programs. Before any initial research, I have never heard of these programs. When I started doing more research, I noticed these programs were becoming popular and were established as a way to help with teacher retention. First of all, teacher residences are modeled after medical residency programs. The novice teacher is given a mentor teacher and accompanies that mentor teacher for the whole year instead of one semester in the traditional programs. That being said, the National Education Association (NEA) believes that the best way to ensure that every teacher is “profession-ready” from their first day as a teacher-of-record is for preparation programs to incorporate teacher residencies. After researching the topic, I am pro teacher residency. I feel that teacher residencies prepare teacher candidates to the reality of teaching by having more hands on experience. Teacher candaitiates are being exposed to daily
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