The State Of The Teaching Profession Essay

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The State of the Teaching Profession Before starting my debate research, I made a cluster graphic organizer to see which characteristics correlated with the topic, the state of the teaching profession. The overall themes I came up with where teacher shortage, retention, and how the implementation of the Common Core State Standards affects teacher retention. Collectively, as a group, we decided on our three debate topics: teacher residency programs, teacher shortage related to mentorship, and the Common Core State standards. In relation to teacher residencies, I am pro teacher residency programs. When I started doing more research, I noticed these programs were becoming popular and were established as a way to help with teacher retention. Teacher residences are modeled after medical residency programs. The novice teacher is given a mentor teacher and accompanies that mentor teacher for a whole year instead of one semester like the traditional programs. That being said, the National Education Association (2013) believes, “That the best way to ensure that every teacher is “profession-ready” from their first day as a teacher-of-record is for preparation programs to incorporate teacher residencies.” I must agree with the National Education Association. I feel that teacher residencies prepare teacher candidates for the reality of teaching by having a more hands on experience. Teacher candidates are being exposed to daily meetings, parent-teacher conferences, after school programs,
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