The State Of The Texas Plant

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Transforming an organization is not just an ingenuous change in direction, it requires the leadership’s acknowledgment of organizational derailment with a strategy for positive change. Pryor, Humpreys, and Taneja (2011) analyzed the transformation of a Texas organization that encompassed dynamic changes of strategic transformation in action. The transformation began with the Corporate Headquarters acknowledging the significant negative numbers of the Texas Plant. The Texas Plant had substantial differences as compared to its sister plant. Their conversion rates and production speed drove the costs of the Texas Plant to closure consideration. Moreover, the Texas Plant’s character of leadership discouraged recommendations for…show more content…
Additionally, the OD was assigned both professional and unionized to assist in transformational strategies the OD established. Even though the OD and the HRD failed to see equal results of the plans in place, the OD continued with positive steps and the HRD began a subversive revolt against the OD. While the OD established agreeable mission, vision, strategies, tactics, and result measurement goals with the Texas Plant employees, the RHD believed this effort was out position scope for the OD. The HRD allied with the Plant Manager (PM) to derail the OD for their cause to reinstall previous behavior of the Texas Plant prior to the arrival of the OD (Pryor, Humphreys, & Taneja, 2011). Although the HRD and the PM attempted to ruin productivity, the OD established industrious teams. Launching positive and results oriented strategies, the OD was able to: (1) develope team improvement presentations to the TCVP; (2) organize union team meetings; (3) develope creative newsletters; (4) institute feedback emails establishing improvement behaviors concerning all departments through agreed upon meetings; and finally (5) establishing report with the employees and unions to formulate effective strategies. All the while, the HRD and the PM refused to allow productive growth and thus attempted to terminate the OD employment. However, the TCVP prevented that
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