The State Of The United States

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In the exception of the third world countries, a lot of us today have lived in a world of security, peace and freedom. The roads are perfectly built and organized, endless skyscrapers that reached for the skies are greatly regulated and controlled. Security are provided for us in terms of local polices, the FBI, and the courts that ensure each and every one of us are innocent until proven guilty. Yet, many of us have taken that for granted. We did not realize how much we have relied on legal and organized rules, or how much we benefited from private rights or property rights. Imagined all of that taken away, when people can simply do away with others, without a hint of human rights. The world then becomes much more horrifying, as there are…show more content…
Each of them began to compete for powers to rule over their subjects. The greater authority would be the territorial rulers, which was the Kings, Princes, Queens, or Dukes that became the focal point of decision-making in the territory. The territorial rulers wanted to defend their territory, and so, they needed more revenues to fund for wars. Moreover, wars were crucial in that period, as they were becoming bigger and more expensive. The only way that territorial rulers could gain revenue was from its subjects such as the towns, villages, churches, or aristocrats (Lecture 2). It was almost impossible use coercion and forced the elites to pay. This way was not efficient, and was prone to greater revolts and resistance. Hence, the only ideal way was to come up with a bargain. The bargain may involve giving benefits such as permanent taxations, better security and welfare to the elites, so that they may give up their powers. The rulers were not able to fight efficient wars if the subjects were not willing to support them. Moreover, the aristocrats rule over a huge chunk of the military fights, which make it difficult for rulers to control the war, if the military subjects were mainly controlled by the elites.
Each of the elites possesses different powers and comparative advantages. It is inevitable that a lot of
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