The State Of The World. To The Seventeen-Year-Old Grandchild

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The state of the world To the seventeen-year-old grandchild of the future. The start of the twenty first century has been an adventure of a lifetime as a young adult present in the two thousand seventeen. However, when thinking about the future it has become a struggle all on its own yet certain objectives are fairly clear. We as humans are insensitive to our natural surrounding environment. It will be our ignorance to the cry of our home that will become our downfall if we do not take actions to prevent this from happening. It is at this time one has to wonder what things could have been done previously to further alert the people to preserve one of the most essential part of living. People live willing and knowingly in the current…show more content…
Do we take action with the knowledge? The true answer is no, people might sympathize for a second or two before they are absorbed by the latest popular and idiotic trend. The suffering people in these types of situations become faceless and nameless and therefore are regarded as not real people in our eyes. One only truly begins to care about a concerning problem when it sits in front of our lawn, up and personal. Majority of the people have come to lose the ability to feel empathy for the larger world that cannot be seen right in front of them. I am not saying that every single person is like this because I am not. There are people in society who do take in consideration the wellbeing of others and our planet Earth, however to much of their efforts to raise awareness it is still not enough. It is not enough to make an immense impact to improve or begin to discard our long life engraved dangerous habits. We have become too content to the way we live and a danger to the lifestyle is met with resistance and hostility. The people of our current society over time have created a world where time and money has become a first priority and saving Earth has been placed in last. We as people have also begun to lose the sense of hearing one another in time of need. People have begun to relinquish the connection between ourselves. Instead of strengthening bonds of alliance to achieve a common goal that will benefit us

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