The State Of Utah Advanced Health Care Directive

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“The Utah State Legislature updated and transformed advance health care directives in Utah during the 2007 legislative session. Effective January 1, 2008, under Senate Bill 75 (second substitute), the Advance Health Care Directive Act replaced the Personal Choice and Living Will Act as the law governing advance health care planning in Utah” (Henry, M., 2007). Figure 1 displays each state within the United States and which form of advanced directive they have adopted into their individual state’s laws. Utah is one of twenty-eight states which have implemented an advanced health care directive with both a living will and a durable power of attorney for health care. In the state of Utah advanced health care directive is defined as “a designation of an agent to make health care decisions for an adult when the adult cannot make or communicate health care decisions; or an expression of preferences about health care decisions” ( Agent is defined as “a person designated in an advance health care directive to make health care decisions for the declarant (” An individual has the right to not appoint and agent on Utah advanced health care directive forms as well ( “The majority of the states do not require the principal to notify the person appointed as the health care agent or surrogate when establishing the document. However, several states, including Alabama, Michigan, Oregon, and North Dakota require that the attorney-in-fact accept their
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