The State Of Utopi A Continuity Of Operations Plan

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Introduction. The State of Utopia has determined to develop a Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) that incorporates all of the key state governmental functions. The National Guard (NG) being one of these key organizations has been tasked to develop and coordinate their own plan and ensure it nests correctly within the state plan. The Adjutant General of Utopia has ordered that the Joint Staff produce a COOP that relocates the affected units to an alternate site, accounts for and protects all personnel and equipment, and maintains mission command capabilities. We must maintain the ability to quickly generate ready forces to safeguard Utopia and protect the nation while adding value to our communities. The National Guard of Utopia is made up of approximately 2,000 Army NG (ARNG) members, 1,500 Air NG (ANG) members, and 150 state employees spread across 24 different campuses statewide. The National Guard also services approximately 4,500 veterans throughout the state.

The problem. The National Guard has a Pandemic Influenza (PI) Continuity of Operations Plan, but it does not have a COOP plan that covers an all-hazard approach. Even though there is a PI COOP, it was written in 2009 and at best has been minimally exercised which included one TTX and a drill on a small portion of the entire plan. Since then there has been little emphasis placed on developing an all-hazards COOP.

The objective. To have an effective all-hazards COOP for the Utopia NG that nests both the

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