The State Of Washington And The United States

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Facts: The State of Washington is the Petitioner in this case along with the Attorney General. The Respondents are Washington medical physicians. The physicians in this case periodically treated patients that were terminally ill. The physicians claimed that they would provide assistance for the patients in ending their lives if it were not for Washington State’s ban on assisted suicides,
Wash. Rev. Code § 9A.26.060(1). The Respondents believed that Washington’s ban was unconstitutional. In 1993, the Respondent, three terminally ill patients and a non-profit counseling organization for assisted suicide sued the United States District Court claiming that Washington’s ban was unconstitutional per the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Procedural History: The State of Washington enacted two statutes regarding assisted suicide. One of the statutes bared an individual from assisting another individual in committing suicide. The other Washington statue provided that with or without help of life sustaining treatment at the patient’s discretion; suicide could be taken in to consideration. The Respondents brought the law suit because they sought a declaration that Washington State’s ban on physician-assisted suicide, Wash. Rev. Code § 9A.36.060 (1) (1994), in beliefs that the ban was unconstitutional. The District Court ruled in favor of Glucksberg. The ruling was reversed by the United States Court of Appeals. The Court of Appeals then reversed itself…
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