The State Should Increase College Textbooks

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Are you a college student who “breaks the bank” just satisfy a syllabus by purchasing a textbook that cost a small fortune? These are the time to take actions and explore possibilities by subsidizing or putting a stop to costly textbooks. College books are becoming so expensive that students are risking their grade by not purchasing one for the semester. This financial burden is common throughout the United States and there should be more programs to allow students to become successful without having to stress about purchasing or renting a book. Students also rely on borrowing or sacrifice quality by not buying a textbook in order to be successful without the necessary book. Over the last 30 years, the value of college textbooks have risen…show more content…
As an experienced freshmen surviving the first year of college, textbooks should be purchased free of cost provided by institutions throughout the state. College is a time where individuals will experience a glimpse of their future profession. Whether you’re majoring in engineering or receiving a certificate, these classes requires a textbook. At the rate of advanced technology, textbooks can be easily accessible via internet without having to haul a book when choosing the “perfect time to study.” With this luxury, students can do homework at any time of the day without the physical materials needed besides a phone or laptop. In conclusion, providing free textbooks can financially help students who also have to pay for everyday living expenses. Overall, textbooks are expensive and sometimes aren’t even opened throughout the semester. Students can spend at least $500 on textbooks alone. In addition, they still have to worry about tuition and other day living expenses to make ends meet. The budget of an average college students is mostly spent on textbooks alone each year and the numbers and gradually increasing every year. All college credited institutions in the state of Nebraska are continuing to encourage students to purchase a book in order to be successful in that class. With that being said, many
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