The State Street Corporation : A Father Friendly Company

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The State Street Corporation: A Father Friendly Company?
Riteesha Godithi
Fairleigh Dickinson University
The State Street Corporation – A Father Friendly Company?
The name and fame of a company depends on the working staff and the company management. However maintaining a happy and a secure family depends upon the parents. It is not easy to maintain the work and family life for a working parent. So companies can help the employees by providing benefits to balance their work-life structure. Employees should have control over their work-life priorities, which results in fulfilled employees with high performance teams and better job satisfaction. In the past, companies used to have maternity leaves but not paternity leaves because mothers used to take care of the children more at home and fathers used to work more to fulfill the family needs. But in modern times both mother and father have equal responsibility in taking care of their children and financial matters. So the company has to provide paternity leaves along with maternity leaves. The State Street Corporation provides the best benefits and policies to working fathers to balance their work-family structure like family support, paid leaves and flexible work schedules.
State Street Corporation is a worldwide financial holding company and the second oldest financial company in the United States with offices in 29 countries around the world. Founded in 1792, its headquarters are at One Lincoln Street in Boston. This

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