Essay about The State of Equality

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Before there was a women’s movement, every facet of society suppressed women to second-class status. Women were under the control of their husbands and needed their permission to get a job or even obtain a credit card. Poorly portrayed and stereotyped in stage and film roles, women were banned from obtaining an education and from many professional fields of work. But despite the success of the fight for women’s equality over the last 100 years, we need to acknowledge the fact that there is still much more work left to accomplish before women achieve full equity and justice. There remains significant barriers were women are marginalized in the economy, such as the wage discrimination. This gender pay gap plays a critical role in impacting,…show more content…
And this gap widens for women of color. As more industrious and educated women enter the workforce every year, and more than half of the population is women, why do women continue to earn less than men? It is arguably logical to argue that women are responsible for the wage discrimination. Women should take a stand and educate themselves about the issue and bring attention to the real challenges facing all women. Many can argue that women are responsible to take action and use their numbers to shift the the national policy in their favor for equal justice. Agreed, women uniting together and using their voice is essential to the mission for justice. There are efforts to hold employers responsible for pay discrimination, but many women still do equal work for lesser pay. However, they have no way to prove the discrimination because most employers do not provide salary information in employment handouts or contracts. By advocating for national and statewide policy changes that address these challenges, and by supporting organizations, such as the Ms. Foundation, that are working towards these changes. These women-led organizations across America are diligently working to enforce policies and legislation for protect the low-wage worker. These campaigns strive to address the issues that fall the hardest on women because due to discrimination and stereotyping, with intent on radically changing these social institutions. Even though
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