The State of Georgia's Provision Unit

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PROVISION UNIT The state of Georgia’s provision unit that has helped become a deciding factor in putting certain statues in place is the Georgia General Assembly. The Georgia General Assembly has existed in Georgia since January of 1751 it is one of the largest state legislatures in the nation. Under the General Assembly there are two chambers, the House of Representatives and the senate. The House of Representatives, which is one provision unit, has a total of 180 members who represent many districts across the state of Georgia. The Speaker is one who presides over the House of Representatives. The House of Representatives duties include handing legislation dealing with Georgia’s Department of Transportation and their operations, in addition, they deal with legislation regarding Georgia’s roads and infrastructure (HOUSE.GA.GOV). The senate, which is the second provision unit, is similar to the house; however they consist of about 56 members who also represent districts from around the state. The senate’s main responsibilities include legislation relating to highway safety and regulation of intrastate common carriers (SENATE.GOV). MEMBERS The Georgia General Assembly has officials who have been elected to hold their position. Within the House of Representatives the Speaker is said to be the leader and Georgia’s current Speaker is David Ralston who was elected in January 2010. Speaker Ralston was elected by the members of the House. Speaker Ralston serves as the presiding

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