The State of Kentucky: Public Health Agencies and Their Roles and Responsibilities

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The state of Kentucky: Public health agencies and their roles and responsibilities The Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Human Services is entrusted with the oversight of the mental and physical health of the citizens of Kentucky. This agency is responsible for the oversight of senior, children, adult, and family health. It also coordinates activities with the federal government, in the form of the state Medicaid program, the health insurance program for the poor which is state-run but dependent upon funding from the federal Department of Health and Human Services and tracks patterns of disease determined significant by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). "The Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS) is home to most of the state's human services and health care programs, including Medicaid, the Department for Community Based Services and the Department for Public Health. CHFS is one of the largest agencies in state government, with nearly 8,000 full and part-time employees" (About CHFS, 2013, CHFS). Some of its programs are specific to the state of Kentucky, such as KinCare which assists grandparents who are caring for their children as primary caregivers and Presumptive Eligibility "a program that enables eligible pregnant women to receive prenatal care through Medicaid for up to 90 days while their eligibility for full Medicaid benefits is determined" (Adults CHFS, 2013, CHFS). Within the umbrella of the CHFS, there are also a number of agencies within its realm
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