The State of Texas

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The state of Texas may have experienced a great deal of short comings in the pass, but Texas continues to flourish. Over the years many true leaders have without a doubt change Texas Government in different ways. One of the most important people to impact Texas government was known for her big heart and humorist personality. A real die heart Texan with devotion and goals to build a new Texas. For instance, establishing opportunities for women and minorities, reformations and increasing school funding are just a few things to shift Texas Government. Former governor Ann Richards is one of the most important women to impact Texas Government.

Ann Richards was a democratic, born September 1, 1933 in Lacy-Lakeview, Texas. She was an American politician with a very extensive background. In 1976 she became County Commissioner, Treasurer of State in1982 and the second female Governor of Texas in 1990. Richards made national headlines at the Democratic National Convention when she gave the keynote address in 1988. Making jokes about fellow Texan George H.W. Bush saying, "Poor George, he was born with a sliver foot in his mouth."( Richards 2). With her sense of humor and generous heart she broke barriers and empowered women and minorities to be leaders. Richards was a feminist with plans to break a

Texas was considered to be a male-dominate state, women didn't have the same rights as men and were looked upon as the weaker vessel. For example,women couldn't
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