The State of the Union Address Delivered by President Barack Obama in 2014

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The current event I choose for this assingment is The State of the Union Address delivered by President Barack Obama at the U.S. Capitol in Washington on January 28 2014. The State of the Union address is the Presidents annual speech to Congress and the nation; it’s an opportunity for the President to set the legislative agenda, launch proposals and directing public attention to his goals for the future. Eventhough the speech is delivered before Congress, it is mainly regarding the public. It's a chance for the President to highlight the progress America has made for the past few years, as well as outline new ideas and changes he hopes to make with the help of congress and support from the public. In addition, it’s hope that the State of the Union Address promotes unity among both parties in congress and win support for his legislative agenda from the public. One of the first things the president mentioned in his speech was the proper size of the federal government, a topic that relates to the American Political Culture in our lecture. The American people want to keep the government small while dealing with each crisis quickly and effectively. The president was aware of the fact that it was an important topic that dates back to the founding of America. However, he stressed that this debate should never prevent the government from functioning as a democracy. He made it clear that what most Americans want is for the government to focus on their “hopes and aspirations”

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