The State of the Union Address Essay

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The most interesting parts of Obama’s speech, to me, were the clarifications on his educational policies. His plans for higher education, such as halting student loan payments after 20 years or 10 years for public servants, seemed pretty cool to me. I’m not sure if taking government money to be used for student loans and giving it to parents while simultaneously stopping loan payments after 20 years is such a good idea. Pissing off the entire banking system might not be such a good idea in the long run. Grunts will be fired before CEOs cut their own bonuses, and I really don’t feel like that is particularly conducive to a good financial system.

Another thing that upset me was his concept of bipartisan reprimand. I seriously think
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This is not a way to encourage the most balanced bills possible, he’s just advocating a Democratic dominance, which is not a good way to do government by any stretch of the imagination.

Health Care upsets me greatly. He encouraged reform of health care by talking about China improving its economy, which is… not really happening. I feel like he never really answered any objections about the bill and just stated the benefits that the Democratic Party has been hawking the entire time. I feel like nothing is really being offered by the Democratic Party in response to the Republican assault on the bill, just more and more complaints about the Republican complaints. The fact that the Democrats are saying the Republicans aren’t providing suggestions as they lock the Republicans out of the discussion stages of the bill. Health Care absolutely needs to be fixed, but I don’t think that what the Democrats have should be implemented this quickly. Why not start with the necessities like malpractice reform and no denial for customers with the money and then build up to the free government healthcare for everyone?
This is an interesting poll to me because of one key disparity – 44% Democrats and 21% Republicans. That’s only 65%, meaning 35% of viewers considered themselves independent. Which is huge. I mean, obviously it doesn’t mean there are more independents than Republicans, but
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