The Statehood of Hawaii

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On the 21st of August 1959, a small colony of inhabited Polynesian volcanic rock located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean became the 50th state named “Hawai’i”. Before Hawai’i became the 50th State, foreigners from the United States attempted to annex Hawai’i from its people and the Hawaiian Monarch for political and military gains. It all started as far back as 1893 when Hawai’i was ruled by Hawaiian Kings and Queens. All three attempts at annexation the United States Diplomats and foreigners failed until 1959 when Hawai’i declared Statehood. The United States Government and its political leaders celebrated along with a small portion of native islanders but sadden and dismayed the majority of native people felt it’s island being stolen…show more content…
The third attempt at having The Kingdom of Hawai’i annexed was a false claim by the United States declaring Hawai’i territory of the United States because it was a Neutral State. The United States Congress and President McKinley signed into law a Joint Resolution, which they claimed Hawai’i annexed by the United States of America and was now U.S. territory; this claim was a violation of war between the Hawaiian Kingdom and the United States. The United States claimed due to concern Hawai’i might become part of the European Nation’s Empire they needed resolution claiming Hawaii’s Annexation. But Hawai’i disputed the claim stating Hawai’i could not be annexed thru a Joint Resolution and that a Joint Resolution is not a treaty; it is a congressional act on behalf of the United States. The congressional act can only affect U.S. territory and Hawai’i was not a U.S. territory or state to be claimed Three attempts were made and none were successful, furthermore while the Republic of Hawai’i was making every attempt to annex Hawai’i they were caught in the deception, each attempt was being covered up by other political groups from the United States Government that was in favor of the annexation. Since the statehood of Hawai’i was declared in 1959, many native Hawaiians continue to protest the annexation of Hawai’i and rebut that Hawai’i was ever acquired legally by the United States of America. However the writings and evidence that have
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