The Statement Of Management Philosophy

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Statement of Management Philosophy After reviewing reports and conducting interviews with staff members, I have concluded that as an organization, we need to reform company policies. New policies provide management with an opportunity to improve areas, that we struggled with in the past. In order to meet the competitive and social challenges of 2016 and beyond, we must examine ways to increase profits, improve services, increase productivity, and improve the overall morale of our employees. As individuals, we possess different belief systems, which guide us through our daily routines, and help us to interact with others. Therefore, by implementing a shared belief system in the organization, we can create a culture, value systems and leadership styles, that will help align workers, with the values of the organization. Furthermore, managers should be supportive to all employees, and should promote a work environment that helps to build morale amongst employees; so that employees can meet the objectives and goals of the organization. It is my belief, those employees who experience a sense of value from an organization, are more productive, and creative, which will overall increase profitability. TransitionsED Operations TranstionsED is a one-stop lead source for more than 800 profit and non-profit higher education institutions. This organization has been in business since 2002, and is dedicated to making sure that students needs are met, and are being matched with the
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