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ABOUT US Welcome to Target TalentWorX. On behalf of the leadership team, it is my pleasure to introduce our newly branded firm, previously Target Search & Selection, and highlight a few of the driving forces behind us being compelling advisors to competitive organisations. ‘Competitive’ doesn’t only equate to large and enterprise businesses, we pay special attention to niche and smaller business equally motivated to disrupt. Talent Management now has a proverbial seat at the boardroom table; Leadership bench strength - or the lack thereof - is reflective in bottom line earnings; Leaders in development programs are not as engaged as initially thought; and the importance of talent acquisition amplifies the fact that a company cannot…show more content…
Merely tweaking this discipline can leapfrog positive outcomes across the entire Talent Management spectrum; workforce planning, performance-management, learning and development, succession planning and compensation. At Target TalentWorX, we’re not just another consulting firm retrofitting best practice models from client to client. We are strategic advisors, thought partners and innovators in collaboration with our clients. This, while reconciling the forces between business continuity and competitive transformation. Contrary to popular belief, there is a shortcut to excellence; it starts with planning big and starting small. The caveat is authentic and gallant leadership. Our advisory oversees services within the following solution areas; Talent Acquisition, Leadership Integration, Leadership Development, Leadership Engagement, and Strategy. If you are hungry to make a difference in your organisation, we invite you to look to Target TalentWorX where we support great leadership concerned with business growth, efficiency, transformation and risk. “Those who disrupt their industries change consumer behavior, alter economics, and transform lives.” ― Heather Simmons, Reinventing Dell TALENT ACQUISITION EXECUTIVE SEARCH Should you buy, borrow, bounce, build, balance or bind Leadership Talent? More often than not the complexity lies within the ‘how to’ and what criteria will
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