The Statements And Actions Of Prophet

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The statements and actions of Prophet are recorded in a set of literary texts that modern Muslim call the Hadith. The original term for the customs of the Prophet was “Sunnat Al- Nabi”, which is an exact translation of “customs of the Prophet” in the native tongue of the Prophet’s time, which was Arabic (textbook). While the entire genre of Islamic literature that surrounds the Prophet Muhammad is called Sunnat Al-Nabi, the individual reports that outline the personal and private life of the Prophet are called Hadith. The Hadith is an official collection of the sayings and actions of the last and final Prophet of Islam throughout the 22 years of his prophetic ministry (Dustin). The Hadith is arguably one of the most important practical text for modern Muslims, as the many books on Hadith outline the life of the man that Muslims around the world have been told to emulate. Muslims have been instructed to practice the behaviour of the Prophet as his behaviour is considered a guideline on the perfect way for a Muslim to live. The Hadith outlines all relationships between a Muslim and God, as well as discussing how relationships between humans should be conducted. The Hadith outlines every affair possible, and how the Prophet acted in this affair, and Muslims should aspire to model this way of life (Encyclopedia J). Therefore, the Hadith can be considered one of the most important literary texts on the planet, because it guides a religion of nearly 1.6 billion people. The

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