“The Statements Of What Extent To Which They Agree Or Disagree

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“The statements of what extent to which they agree or disagree where abortion should be left up strictly to the individual, abortion should be treated legally as a form of murder, the health of the mother is more important than the life of an unborn child, abortion should be legalized as simply another type of birth control, abortion should be legalized so that it could be obtained with proper medical attention, abortion should be forbidden because it damages the mental health of those who obtain it, abortion should be permitted because it is a lesser evil than having, a baby who is not wanted, abortion should be permitted when the baby would probably be deformed, abortion should be permitted in cases of rape, abortion should be forbidden…show more content…
Ways to have exposure to abortion is urbanization and educate yourself on population growth. Exposure equals more acceptance of the idea of getting an abortion. “Barbara Agresti Finlay study used data from a sample of students at a large southern university.” Finlay wanted to see the differences between male and female in correlation to attitudes towards abortion. Finlay study revealed male’s abortion attitudes are simpler in structure than those of females. “The reason for this is because males’ abortion attitudes are related primarily to their degree of conventionality in sexual and nonsexual matters.” The reason for this in females is because females’ abortion attitudes are related to a broader set of attitudinal variables. The attitudinal variables include sex-role conventionality, the value of children in their life plans, the right to life issue, sexual, and general conventionality. Women have a greater ability to emphasize so they understand why some women might want to have an abortion. Female opinions on abortion involve more humanitarian aspects than males. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, there were several studies of attitudes toward the practice and legalization. These studies were done by Westoff, Blake, Jones, Mileti, and Barnett. The studies that were done focused on the description of attitudes toward abortion and how they changed over time. “The studies purpose was to describe the
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