The Statewide Legalization Of Marijuana

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Ryan James Michael Monteith
Period 7
March 11, 2015
Step Seven- Original Draft The statewide legalization of marijuana is a slap in the face to the federal government of the USA. What Colorado has done will cause many difficulties for the bureau and for the agents of the FBI. More than likely, California is closely following suit of Colorado as well as many other states in the union. Per state, it may be legal, but as for federal law, it is still illegal by many means. The legalization of marijuana will cause many problems. The drug is not only harmful to the body, but leads to the use of other narcotics. According to a recent study at Yale University “showed that alcohol … and marijuana were associated with an increased likelihood of prescription drug abuse in men 18 to 25.” ( Cuda ) Marijuana and alcohol are both leading causes in car accidents across the country. Nearly 25% of all accidents are involved with a form of these substances. Leading up to the legalization of marijuana, the people of the state of Colorado began acting as if there was no law. They were above the law in their own minds and acted as if it was so. Prior to the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, one out of every eight people above the age of twelve had used the drug at least once. Following the legalization of marijuana, teen use with the substance has dropped by thirty nine percent within just one year because of all the new dispensaries and laws prohibiting the drug…
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