The Statistical Phenomenon Regression Of An English Victorian Statistician By Francis Galton

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The statistical phenomenon Regression to the Mean is present when a condition reaches a high degree as it is first observed, then reverts to the average when later observed. It is also present when a condition remains average during the first observation and fluctuates highly during the second. This regression effect is common within any element that oscillates irregularly within quantity and quality over time. The definition of the word “regression” is to return to a former state. In this theory, a variable often returns to an average value after it reaches a high value, or when a variable that begins at a low value it tends to reach the average afterward. An English Victorian statistician by the name of Francis Galton refined this theory…show more content…
After studying the heights of parents in relation to the height of their children, Galton realized that tall parents will have children who are taller than the average height but not as tall as them. He also found that short parents often have short kids, but not as short as they are (Ellenberg, 301). These results allowed Galton to recognize the natural phenomenon of Regression to the Mean. He then published his results in 1889 in a book he wrote entitled Natural Inheritance. In the book Galton discussed that the regression theory is a natural occurrence as a result of inheritance and fortuity. It was then understood that this theory is relevant to numerous variable beyond human traits. The regression to the mean theory is applied commonly today when studying patterns such as athletic performance and intellectual achievement. In Siddharth Kalla’s article “Regression Toward the Mean,” he discusses a frequent trend within Olympic athletes who have been awarded gold medals and continue to compete. “Olympic gold medalists tend to have a dip in performance...this is because they were the ones hitting their peak in performance in the Olympics and therefore also gets much attention afterward, because people expect more from these athletes” (Kalla). After an athlete has already attained the highest award in their Olympic sport, it is seldom that they could repeat their success

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