The Statue Of Ghandi's Objectification Of Women

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The article first describes a setting in California where a life like statue of Ghandi was placed on display. This description segways into what would become an assumed a theft attempt. However this lead to major discussion when it came time to put the statue on its mount. People from one organization called the Organization for Minorities of India argues that ghandi's assumed representation as seen in the statue is in their opinion an "offense to human values of life, liberty, and equality." (Ricaforte 2013) Their argument for this strong opinion is based of criticism of Gandhi's use of under age girls to test his person sexual control of urges for sexual pleasure or in his case, abstinence in a rather non conforming experiments currently seen as being unethical in todays terms of trial and experimentation.…show more content…
sexually exploiting his grandnieces and many other teenaged girls under the guise of performing 'celibacy' acts." This type of self trial in order to prove his unconditional love for his wife is often seen as unethical and often times oppressive of objective to the woman's movements under a feminist perspective. This article mentions two other writings on the topic of Ghandi's objectification of woman in comparison to woman of today who face similar situations in the sexual exploitation of woman. The article connects these other writings to the narrative we give images and reference to ideas and symbols which often time represent greater responses then often generally told about people in power the truth or inaccurate depiction of what is true and what is
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