The Status Of The American Economy

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As the economy is ever changing, it has influenced many differences between the lives of earlier Americans and the lives we live today. Women have not always been present in the workforce. Clear gender roles had been defined to split men and women’s work into separate duties. The differences of careers and duties led to the division of social “classes,” including the upper class, middle class, and lower class. The type of employment and intangible class ranking visibly defined the lifestyles families lived. The dynamic status of the American economy has had a great effect on the lifestyle of and employment within American families. In the eighteenth century, while the home and family were the center and source of economic income, clear division between men and women’s work was set. Women’s work was mostly in and around the home, particularly cooking, sewing, cleaning, and helping with farm chores. As family size and number of children in the household increased to provide help on the farm, one of the mother’s main commitments was to raising the children and being an honorable wife and mother. While the woman was upholding her house duties, the man was the “breadwinner”. Men embraced their independence and masculinity which separated them from the status of women. A man’s authority in his family was viewed as a component of their freedom. The concept of the man as sole provider, who would make the bulk of the family’s wage, became a traditional part in the American…
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