The Status Of The Czech Republic And Hungary

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The Status of Women in the Czech Republic and Hungary “We know that anywhere in the world, where women prosper, societies prosper. In the interest of everyone is to include women in every part of society” is a quote by Catherine Ashton, who served as First Vice President of the European Union. Since the fall of communism and the entrance into the European Union over a decade ago, women in the Czech Republic and Hungary have faced a drastic change of lifestyle. Throughout communism, women had the opportunity to maintain jobs, get an education, and become involved in politics but after communism fell, the societies in the Czech Republic and Hungary returned to customary values and traditional gender roles. Since its inception, the European Union has placed a strong emphasis on equality and the advancement of women in all aspects of life. It has always been a priority on the EU agenda. Throughout the European Union, there are many different characteristics such as nationality, ethnicity, language, age, etc. that make it difficult to have uniform policies across all of the countries. Some of the priorities that have been enacted over time include equal economic independence; equal pay for equal work; equality in decision-making; dignity, integrity, and ending gender base violence; and promoting gender equality beyond EU. In Hungary, life was similar to that of other communist countries. All other political parties were eliminated, the secret police were spying on…

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