The Status Of Women : Ancient China

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When it comes to discussing the manners and customs that dominated in China in the past century, numerous topics appear. Thanks to the numerous written testimonies, we can almost reconstruct the life and experiences of people in ancient China. Of course, many of the practices described are not only interesting, but surprising. In this paper I am going to take a closer look at the status of women in ancient Chinese family.
Relevance of the topic is that today the interest in the culture of Asian countries, including China grows and so does the number of works related to the history and way of lifestyle of the Chinese people throughout time. Moreover, we should take into account the fact that patterns of traditions affected the lives of modern Chinese women 's behaviour. When we analyze the situation status of modern Chinese women, you can see a lot of similarities with the behaviour of women in ancient China, which can help to explain the phenomena of modern life of Chinese women, looking into the past.
Before analyzing the status of girls and women in ancient China, we need to understand the fundamental principles of morality that dominated in the society in that time period.
Confucius created the doctrine that 300 years after his death became a permanent impulse of social life in China, established rules of behaviour not only in the state, but also the family as a social unit.1
Confucian worshiping of ancestors and norms “Xiao” stimulated the blooming of the family and clan…

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