The Status Of Women And Girls

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After reading the report The Status of Women and Girls in Colorado I was in a numbing type of shock. There were things that I subconsciously knew like men will receive more than women in their lifetime but after reading facts that solidify this it was surprising. One of the findings that surprised me the most was with Social Security benefits that Men once 65 years or older will receive around $1,334 while women the same age are only going to receive $986. Many of the facts such as these were shocking sometime syou know things and you see them in your world but after reading facts that prove and solidify what a person has seen it 's an eerie feeling. Especially since it is not just one thing that can be attributed to the why women are…show more content…
This fact is notable because when the argument about single mothers are not doing anything to take care of themselves and children and just decide to live off the state it makes sense they live off of the state. These single mothers have to they do not make enough money that only make 31% of what it takes. They are not making enough because of the gender wage gap that keeps them behind. They can’t work as many hours due to taking care of these children or other family issues and the fact that childcare is continuously rising and is very expensive. Women are set back by many things and need the public or private assistance. Equally important is the Employment and Earnings section. In this section the piece of information I thought was significant was learning that women even though they make up half of the work force, only 29% of businesses are owned by women. This has actually gone down since 1992 when women owned 38% of businesses and of the businesses they do own they are most likely to be businesses in sectors with lower revenues. Women seem to be more than not put into employment positions where they are receiving lower wages. The businesses that women are owning are mostly in health care and social assistance. I thought this was important to note because instead of growth and expansion for women this number has fallen women own less businesses now than they did twenty three years ago. This shows that in some aspects even though many people would like to believe
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