The Status Quo of Higher Education in the United Kingdom

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Literature review 4000 less p.3 The status quo of higher education in the United Kingdom (UK): internationalized, leading but critical. The first part of this literature review aim is to use exhaustive evidence to critically evaluate the position of higher education stands in the UK, and in turn try to expose the ambivalent issues that are caused by globalization from a macro-perspective. The second part is based on international students’ experiential point of view, look into the purposes of studying abroad and demonstrate the nostalgic mentality of being away from home. Internationalization of Higher Education in UK In the 19th century Great Britain was known as ‘the empire on which the sun never sets’, especially in the Victorian Era (1837-1909), the higher education system grew rapidly due to the English industry revolution in order to fulfill the demand of talents. The oldest university in UK also in the English speaking world is University of Oxford which established around 1096 (Oxford 2014). Education city (Wildavsky 2010, p.53), city like Oxford and London, cities built surround by the best education institutions, open attitude to different culture and the high level of civilization. For 800 years, UK has been keeping the highest looked upon education status as the leader of the world, This is because education is also an essential element in firming the power of a nation state besides economy, military and politics (Green 997, p.137). Higher education
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