The Stepping Stone Of Theory

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The Stepping Stone of Theory: Biopsychosocial Spiritual Assessment Lindsey Hathaway Virginia Commonwealth University Introduction: The Use of Theory in Social Work Social Workers use theory as a lens through which to understand interactions around them and in the lives of their clients. Theories are attempts to describe the interactions between individuals, families, organizations, policies, and social groups. In clinical social work, a theory is the basis with which one is able to assess problems and form treatment goals. In macro social work, a theory provides a framework with which one is able to understand and work to change policies of oppression and injustice. There is no shortage of theories available for the social worker…show more content…
Generally used in conjunction with evidence based practice theories, the biopsychosocial spiritual model of assessment is also used with systematic practice theories (MacDonald and Mikes-Liu 2009). The biopsychosocial spiritual framework of assessment can provide a clinician with information that will enable chosen theories and interventions for treatment to be based on a comprehensive view of the person in their environment. It is important to recognize that there are some downfalls the biopsychosocial spiritual framework: there is a lack of clarity regarding what information is needed to form a complete assessment, it 's inability to distinguish between each contributing factor, and its ambiguity as far as the scientific method is concerned (Hatala 2013; MacDonald et al. 2009). In some cases, it may be that the practitioner may lack knowledge about certain parts of the holistic assessment, which may make the assessment in part inaccurate as suggested by Saleeby (1992). Regardless, the strengths of the biopsychosocial spiritual framework are hard to compete with. In understanding the past and present biological, psychological, sociological and spiritual issues, the clinician is able to take into account important aspects relating a client 's growth
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