The Steps Listed Describe The Procedures I Will

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The steps listed describe the procedures I will use to implement book clubs:
1. Introduction – Setting a purpose I will explain to students that our objective in book club for 7th will be accountability. To illustrate, I will ask students about their literature circle experiences. Unlike literature circles (which many students participated in during grades 3-5), no roles will be assigned but everyone is responsible for the reciprocal reading strategies. These strategies will be on an anchor chart to be displayed throughout the year. Next, I will show the brief YouTube video “8th Grade Book Club and Accountable Talk” and ask students to describe the behaviors observed. The video will prompt a discussion about book club our upcoming discussions.
2. Pre-reading activities
• Set ground 3-5 ground rules. This will be a whole class endeavor, not a list developed solely by the teacher. However, the rules should indicate that the book group is a safe environment (as is the entire classroom) where everyone has a voice. Rules that alert students to be respectful, responsible and agree to disagree are common suggestions. Allow students to make the book club ground rules chart to display. Distribute and discuss the Responsibility and Accountability Rubric.
• Teach teamwork and conflict resolution skills. Use notecards to describe scenarios that arise when working in groups. Have students act out skits that demonstrate problems and possible solutions. Some issues that can
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